Car Accidents

Being in a car accident can be a physically and emotionally devastating experience.   It is very important that you are fully aware of a number of legal issues that must be addressed so that you protect yourself and your family.

Right to Compensation

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to money for any lost income and medical/rehabilitation expenses.   You may also be entitled to money for your pain and suffering, in addition to any losses to the quality of your lifestyle.

You can access this needed assistance through two different routes:

  1. Accident benefits from your own insurance company; and
  2. Financial recovery from the at-fault driver.

There are some very necessary steps that must be taken when you have been in any accident. Some of the steps that you should ensure take place are as follows:

  1. Make sure the police know about the accident;
  2. Notify your employer;
  3. Notify your own insurance company right away (due to entitlement to accident benefits);
  4. Keep receipts and records of all expenses related to the accident;
  5. Advise your family doctor about your injuries; and
  6. Contact a personal injury lawyer to ensure that your rights are fully protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does my first meeting cost?

We will not charge anything for meeting with you to go over your accident details.   We will also try to give you some guidance about how much legal involvement, or not, may be needed.

How much will a lawsuit cost?

You will not have to pay any direct legal fees.   We will not send you any ongoing invoices or accounts.  At the very beginning of our involvement, we will agree to a method of payment that will not take place until your case has been resolved.

Should I sign a statement for my insurance company?

It is typically best to not provide signed statements without first discussing it with a lawyer.   If a statement is given, we will be with you to ensure that everything is fair.

How do I complete all of the incoming insurance forms?

Some of these forms are complicated.   They need to be filled out carefully to ensure that they are accurate and complete or your benefits may be delayed or denied.   We can provide assistance to you in properly completing all the paperwork.

Can I get accident benefits from my insurance company even if I was at fault for the accident?

Yes.   Accident benefits are payable regardless of your fault.   You can even be entitled to those benefits if you do not have any car insurance of your own.

What sorts of benefits are payable for accident benefits if I cannot work?

Typically, if you cannot work, you will be entitled to 70% of your lost income.   There is usually a maximum of $400 per week payable unless optional coverage had been purchased.

If I cannot make it to your office, what can I do?

We can easily make arrangements to visit you at home if you are not able to get to our office.   We will always be as flexible as necessary to help you out.

What if I live in another city?

We help clients all over the province of Ontario.   Keeping you updated and involved with your case is not an issue given the state of communications technology.

Who will be working on my case?

There will always be a lead lawyer on your case.   You will also receive detailed attention from law clerks and assistants that work as a team to properly and fully move your case forward towards the best possible outcome.