Our Firm

We are excited to announce the opening of our Toronto Office at 20 Bay Street

Dyer Brown LLP is a dynamic and accomplished general practice law firm with a strong tradition of resounding performance. Our team draws on the accumulated knowledge and experience of the entire firm. Colleagues meet regularly to review activities, discuss developments and issues affecting our clients’ cases. Tapping into the diverse perspectives, expertise, and experiences that exist shapes our legal strategies and tactics and allows us to stay responsive and novel in our approach. This collaborative mindset allows us to achieve extraordinary results for our clients.

At Dyer Brown LLP, every part of our practice is client focused. We are dedicated to providing practical and effective representation and no-nonsense guidance through the intricacies of the legal system to accomplish your goals as efficiently as possible. This client-centric approach commits us to provide exemplary service at every level. This approach ensures that the relationships we share with our clients remain strong and mutually beneficial.

*Alternate fee arrangements available upon request