Project Description

Most employers have various benefit packages available to their workers.   As part of those benefits, there are typically short-term and long-benefits available in the unfortunate event that a worker gets injured in some way and cannot work.   The insurance companies that provide these disability policies to the employer are most often completely separate companies that specialize in the business of selling insurance coverage.

There are many different ways that insurance companies can try to deny paying income replacement benefits to you.   Some of the more common methods used for denying benefits can include:

  • Claims that the applicant misrepresented something about his/her medical condition on the insurance application
  • Claims that the worker should be able to work
  • Medical opinions from doctors hired by the insurance company that any injuries have resolved

Disability benefits are incredibly important if you cannot safely return to work.   If the insurance company has terminated your benefits, and you are still not able to return to work, then you can challenge their decision.   There are usually a variety of different ways to have your benefits re-instated.   We can help you put together the required material and guide you through the necessary steps to successfully challenge any decision that suggests you should be returning to work before you have recovered from your injuries.  You will need a lawyer who can navigate through the system and advocate for your rights.



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